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Pandava Gita Translation

[Note: The Pandava Gita is a collection of exquisitely beautiful verses from different sources. It is a stotra, a hymn meant for devotional recitation and as a stotra its beauty is splendorous [in Sanskrit]. The hymn’s approach to God is that of ‘sharanagati’, total surrender. In translating it into English, I have taken minor liberties with the language for improving its readability in English. I have, though, taken care to see that the meaning or tone of the verses has in no way been altered.
Each of the words used for God/Vishnu/Krishna here has meanings deeper than what appears on the surface. For instance, the word Krishna is explained etymologically as ‘that which/he who attracts’ and spiritually as our nature as sat-chid-ananda, existence-consciousness-bliss, which draws us towards it constantly and makes us flow towards our source, converting each us into a Radha. Radha is the word ‘dhara’ [dhaaraa] written in the reverse order [ra-dha – dha-ra] and dhara means a current. Radha…