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J. Krishnamurti and Beauty

Indian tradition defines beauty as that which becomes new every time you look at it. The Tibetan concept of drala, which speaks of the beauty of ordinary things, too speaks of beauty that appears new every time you look at it. A short while ago, I was reading a wonderful book: Krishnamurti to Himself – His Last Journal. The book is beautiful, like all his journals and diary. And this one is especially significant since it is the very last thing he “wrote” – at the age of eighty-seven. As the introduction by Mary Lutyens points out, since by then his hands had become shaky and it was difficult for him to write, he was requested to dictate the journal to himself. The dictations were done in the mornings, as Krishnamurti rested in his bed after breakfast. What struck me first as I read the opening pages of the Journal was how Krishnamurti sees beauty in everything, and how that object of beauty changes from moment to moment for him and how he sees beauty anew after every change. …